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Silk Protein Whitening Moisturizing & Luster


Scientifically proven , make the skin smooth and delicate root…

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Main ingredients:
water, hydrolyzed fibroin essence, hydrolyzed pearl extract, liquorice extract, tocopherol, vitamin C, allantoin, xanthan gum, perfume compound.

Main Effect:
Thoroughly cleanse skin, quickly penetrate into cuticle with such moisturizing factors as hyaluronic acid and serine, balance sebum and water, keep skin at weak acid state persistently, contain whitening factor, completely boost the luster of dull skin, purify and whiten skin.

Method of use:
After facial cleaning in the morning and evening, gently pat the face and neck with proper amount (about 2-2.5ml which can wet a piece of cosmetic cotton) of it.

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